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Romania & Albania

Driving in Eastern Europe

Driving in Eastern Europe, can be a bit of a challenge, not only do you have to take care of thiefs and robbers, have full control of all your paperwork for the costums, maneuver through curruption, the roads are in many places terrible!

Here you see my colleague Stiig, trying to get the best of the Bucarest ringroad!

The Bucarest Ringroad, has been repaired in some sections now, I know this from colleagues who are still driving out there, but I remember it as you see in theese pic's, the real challenge, was to remember where the worst potholes where, during the winter and everything was covered in snow. Some of the holes were up to 40cms deep.


Village Museum in Rimnicu Vilcea, Romania

I never actually visited this village museum, but stayed numerous times at a Truckstop next door. I always found it a little funny, that this village museum, looks more modern than the normal Romanian village!!! Even though Romania is a poor and in many respects worn down country, Romania has a beauty of it's own, and an exciting history, why not check out this link


Durres, Albania. This is the mainroad to the custums in Durres!

Note the "concrete mushrooms" that's bunkers, the old paranoid communist system in Albania, "planted" about 187000 of these bunkers everywhere in Albania, as a part of the defense from attacks from the mean outside world!!

Arrival at the chaotic Port of Durres Albania

 I take a ferry from Bari, Italy to cross the Adriatic Sea to the port of Durres, Albania. The first thing you see in the port are parts of sunken ships sticking out of the water, some rusty cranes, and people sitting on top of walls, buildings, and train wagons.
I took this picture of the port when I first went there. The number of policemen has increased since the riots in 1997, and they are carrying Kalishnikov machine guns.

 IFA trucks produced in the old communist DDR